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Travel Journaling: Inspiration and Supplies

when i was a kid, i used to bring a little notebook along on vacation (more than likely it was some super lit Lisa Frank one) and write about all the stuff we did on our trip. i SO wish i knew where those notebooks were. not only does travel journaling help you preserve awesome memories, it also provides a really cool on-the-go creative outlet. i find that when i'm traveling, i don't get as many chances to be creative unless i'm really mindful about it, and this new style of travel journaling that seems to be all over insta just might be the answer. the notebooks are small, easy to pack, and the pages are blank which means endless possibilities. my favorite journals are the ones that combine writing/diary entries, photos, and sketching or drawing. 

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DIY To Try: Festive Advent Calendars

OMGGGG it's already that time of year. and with December only a few days away, i thought i'd round up some of my favorite advent calendar DIYs from around the web. whether you celebrate the advent season religiously or you just think it's fun to count down the days in december with chocolates and other fun little shit in bags and/or boxes, these are fun and look really cute. advent calendars were my favorite thing EVER when i was a kid- i always got one that had chocolates shaped like different woodland animals, and i had a weird reputation for remembering exactly what animals corresponded to what day at the end of the month. i was suuuuuper popular obviously. 

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