6 Valentine's Day Gifts to Give Yourself This Year

it’s that time of year again, and as we strap ourselves in and prepare for the annual avalanche of over-the-top social media captions from picture perfect couples we love to hate, it’s important not to forget to show ourselves a little love. whether you’ve found your picture perfect relationship or you’re planning to spend the day with a great bottle of red and some netflix (which could also qualify as a picture perfect relationship let’s be real) we think you deserve some self love this V-Day.

here are six ideas for fun and just the right amount of fancy valentine’s day gifts to give yourself this week:

1. a luxe candle or room spray

this one is kind of obvious, but honestly, who doesn’t want to be that friend whose house always smells good? whether you love diffusing essential oils or lighting pretty candles (the Bronzed by Apothia candle below is my current fave) or are lazy like me and just wanna spray something that smells good in the house, give yourself the gift of smelling awesome.

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2. a comfy pair of ‘around the house’ socks

never underestimate the power of a seriously comfy, soft pair of socks. find a pair that are just the right amount of extra that you reserve just for hanging at home and can slip on after applying a great moisturizer. just see how much cozier your weekends get.

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3. bougie hand sani

i fly on a lot of planes and meet a lot of people at shows every night in my job, so staying healthy is super important. one day i just decided i wanted to be the type of person who had hand sani in pretty packaging that didn’t smell like the doctor’s office right before you get a flu shot and i haven’t looked back.

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4. fancy espresso cups

i recently konmari-ed all my ugly free mugs from various extremely random sources over the years and i can confirm that coffee really does taste better out of a pretty cup.

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5. a pretty plant

you probably need another plant. seriously though, you cannot have too many.

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6. a statement-making coffee table book

there’s something about a coffee table book that just feels so much more luxe than buying a new novel or nonfiction book. it almost feels like you’re buying art, which you kind of are in a way. nothing gives me an instant perk up and helps me feel like maybe i DO really have my shit together like a great coffee table book.

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how do you show yourself some serious love when you need a pick-me-up??

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