Five Friday Faves

happy friday!

the sunshine is finally back here in LA, which means everyone is now only super stressed on the freeways instead of being insanely emotionally off-the-rails stressed - which is how all angelenos are in the rain. i’m excited to do some more hiking this weekend and bounce around the city in pursuit of my next favorite taco truck.


here are five favorite things i’m loving this month:


my friend Ames’ song ‘Hold On’ is in my head a lot these days. She has so much amazing music (and she’s nominated for a Grammy this weekend for writing on Kelly Clarkson’s awesome album!)


- i’m currently taking French classes in LA to keep up with everything i learned while living in Paris last year, and my teacher recommended Call My Agent! on Netflix - it’s a French show (originally titled 10 pour 100 in France) and it’s all about acting agents in Paris. At first I couldn’t decide if that even sounded interesting but it’s a REALLY cute show and super funny. Even if you dgaf about the French language the English subtitles are really well done and so far the story is great.


i’ve been obsessively organizing (or at least trying/pretending to) my new place here in LA, and recently found this great solution that helps me charge all of my stuff in one, nice-looking place. i can’t stand cord clutter and for some reason my iPad is ALWAYS out of battery, so i’m super excited to have this on my desk. bonus, it’s also a women-owned company!


totally loving Studio DIY’s gorgeous master bath remodel - that color combo is so unexpected and beautiful!


i made this carrot, avocado and chickpea salad recipe a lot in Paris (and would often just buy fresh pesto when i was too lazy to make it myself) and it’s still been on regular rotation since we’ve gotten back to Cali. it’s an amazing meat-free dish (i’m not veggie but always on the lookout for more plant-based options) and feels a lot more satisfying and filling for dinner than a bummer cold salad.

happy weekend!!

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