5 Places to Get a Truly Legit Coffee in Paris

Paris is a city known for an endless list of amazing things- its beautiful light, the history, the hundreds of artists and writers who have created masterpieces there…the list goes on. one thing i didn’t realize until moving over here is that until recently, this city hasn’t necessarily been known for their coffee. i learned this relatively quickly, as it wasn’t long before i discovered that it was indeed possible to order a disappointing cappuccino. disappointing baguette? almost never. but the coffee scene was something that took me a minute to navigate.

the good news is that Paris is catching up quickly when it comes to amazing coffee. i’m sharing five of my favorite places for specialty coffee in Paris to help you fuel up on your next rendez-vous in France:

Strada 3e, 5e


Strada has two locations - one in the Marais (3rd arrondissment, in the map below) and one in the Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement). their weekend brunch is amazing too!

Jozi Café


this is another great pick over in the Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement). It’s not far from the Seine river, and they also have a small menu with some delicious, healthy options. try the avocado tartine for lunch.


(source: sprudge)

this one is a nice addition to the list because it’s not far from the Montparnasse train station, and it’s in a neighborhood (the 14th arrondissement) that is bit more traditional Parisian. it’s cool to see places like this popping up in areas other than the typically ‘hipster’ corners of the city.



this is one of my go-tos simply because i’m obsessed with the pattern painted on the counter and the Bruce Lee poster. it’s a double dose of great coffee and design inspo all in one!

grab your coffee here (and one of their pastries or cakes) and then head around the corner to Merci on Boulevard Beaumarchais for an adorably curated selection of clothing, accessories, and a healthy dose of major home decor inspo.


(source: my parisian life)

this one is not far from the Châtelet metro stop, which is super central and also a huge hub for many of the city’s biggest lines. this is a great place to stop off if you need a break from sightseeing and have an afternoon pick-me-up!


Do you have any favorite places in Paris for coffee??

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