Record Players 10 Ways: Show Off Your Epic Collection

when my husband turned 30, my gift to him was a record player and a bunch of records i had collected over the course of a long US tour. it was one of those things he'd been wanting for awhile, but it was admittedly also one of those gifts that i was really excited to benefit from myself. even though we have all the music we could ever want in our pockets at all times now, i still think there is something so cool about coming home, pouring a glass of wine, and putting on a great record. i really miss album art too, and there's something about having those 12x12 sleeves on a shelf or ready to flip through in a crate by the fireplace that's so nostalgic and cool.

since i'm constantly building my record collection, i thought i'd share my favorite record storage ideas in case you need some inspo as you keep growing your library:

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1. use a basket to corral your collection neatly on the floor

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2. casually lean records up against a piece of furniture for an effortless laid back vibe

3. keep everything tucked neatly into a cabinet that can double as a perch for plants and other decor


4. show off colorful album art with thin wall shelves 

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5. another really cool way to do a wall display - just swap the books for records

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6. DIY this minimalistic, simple tabletop rack for easy browsing

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7. turn a crate or box on its side and slide your records in. use the top for plants or frames

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8. store your records on a big shelf system like this one. use the rest of the shelves as a blank canvas for books, photos, blankets and decorative ojets, and bonus points for using a vintage bar cart to display the record player

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9. i love this solution, especially if you live in a small space and are short on floor surface area or storage room. how cute would these look in a group of three staggered vertically on the wall?!

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10. employ a bookcase, like an standard ikea option, to hold records, books, craft supplies, and whatever else needs a home. then use the top to show off the record player and some fresh blooms.

what are your fave ways to store vinyl? any new favorite albums??

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