Roundup: Perfect Weekend Getaway Bags

in the spirit of the holiday season (also sometimes referred to as the incessant exhausting travel season) almost upon us, i've been thinking a lot about travel plans. one thing i've been trying (key word here is trying) to implement in my life is a packing discipline to help myself limit the amount of shit i bring with me when i leave my house. while i haven't mastered it yet, i think i've found the key to slowly forcing myself into minimalism: it's called the weekender bag.

when i travel, on the morning of the departure you can usually find me sitting, standing, and/or bouncing on top of my zipper-stretched suitcase trying to shut it. and this is BEFORE i leave for wherever it is i'm going- where i will inevitably acquire a new thing or two along the way. i recently came across this pic of Blake and Ryan looking effortless AF traveling with those rustic leather duffels and i just knew this was the answer.

so here you go guys- these are my top picks for a no-fuss holiday getaway: (buy links at the bottom)

1 - will leather goods / 2  - forestbound (my fave) / 3 - pitusa / 4 - remi co / 5 & 6 - nena and co  / 7 - ali lamu / 8 - cleobella / cover image via IHOD

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