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Retro Road Trip: Fringe & Florals

i have a love hate relationship with incessant travel this time of year. on one hand, i absolutely love the hustle and bustle of going from place to place and seeking adventure in all of it, and on the other hand i just wanna sit on my couch and watch holiday movies in my pajamas for the entire month of december. but this december, i will be on the road the. entire. time. which is awesome! this is the kind of december travel that i love. i'm headed on tour and excited to hit cities like NYC, Nashville and DC, and i'm also super excited to see all of these beautiful cities decked out for the season. in the spirit of road trips and kicking off my tour, i thought i'd share this rock/boho shoot from Malibu, CA

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Roundup: Perfect Weekend Getaway Bags

in the spirit of the holiday season (also sometimes referred to as the incessant exhausting travel season) almost upon us, i've been thinking a lot about travel plans. one thing i've been trying (key word here is trying) to implement in my life is a packing discipline to help myself limit the amount of shit i bring with me when i leave my house. while i haven't mastered it yet, i think i've found the key to slowly forcing myself into minimalism: it's called the weekender bag.

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