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Roundup: Cropped Jeans are Fresh for Fall

when i moved to France this year, i had to pack pretty lightly considering the tiny size of our ‘pied-a-terre.’ as you might imagine based on my closet makeover posts, minimalism isn’t exactly something i’ve successfully embraced yet, so this was a challenge. on the denim front, this meant only 4 pairs of jeans made the cut (sidenote: my husband brought ONE pair of jeans total for this entire year in France). this past month, i kept seeing cropped jeans and kick flare jeans everywhere in Paris, and decided i could make room for pair #5.

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Stitch, Please: Embroidery Is Everywhere

as an avid lover of everything seventies, i'm extremely excited to see that embroidered denim's comeback is still going strong. this trend has been building up over the last year or so, with people personalizing their jeans at Madewell (and now Revolve offers it too) and dressing up their denim in bright threads in bold patterns, and it seems to just keep on growing.  i was never much of a cross stitch gal when i was young (waaaay too impatient) but i absolutely love the look and texture of embroidery on clothes. there's something extra awesome about it on denim and jeans, because it really allows what would otherwise be a basic, blank slate piece to become the feature of your outfit. 

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Style Files: Bold, Gold and Eyelet

all the rain has FINALLY stopped here in socal (or so it seems) so i thought we'd celebrate with some sunny day photos. i'm really really happy that the off-the-shoulder look seems to be sticking around longer and longer - personally, i hope it never goes away. i fell hard for this poppy hued eyelet top from free people, and kept it casual with some ripped blue jeans and a fun beaded headband. i'm kind of a more is more gal when it comes to jewelry, so we piled on the gold and kind of just kept going.  

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