How To Learn A New Language (And Stick With It)

as a lot of you probably know, I’ve been learning French intensively for about a year now. I always had a fascination with languages and wanted to learn a second one, and over the past year I’ve started getting a bunch of questions about my favorite language learning methods.

today i’m sharing my favorite language learning resources and tools, plus the biggest tips and tricks that have worked for me and helped me stick with learning French over the past year!

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5 Tips For Moving In Together

it’s kind of crazy to be saying this, but it’s coming up on the 10 year anniversary of me and my husband Brett living together. if I’m being real, we met about this time ten years ago and moved into a tiny apartment together three months later (!). though I’m well aware that’s a pretty fast track move compared to how most people do it, it’s been awesome and we wouldn’t have done it any differently.

looking back on the past decade, I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for moving in together and living together in general that we’ve learned over the years. we’re definitely not experts and we’re learning every day, but read on for the advice that worked best for us when we took the moving-in-together plunge!

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From Summer To Fall In Button-Front Midi Skirts

we talk a lot about wardrobe staples here at WTD, and lately one of my no-fail favorites is the button-front midi skirt. i fell in love with this style while i was living in Paris last year, where a lot of my favorite French designers seemed to be showcasing their take on this piece for summer.

i quickly discovered that not only did i love the length - long enough to walk up the metro steps without worrying if everyone behind you could see up your skirt but short enough that a cute sneaker or sandal could peek out - but i also loved the button details. you can keep the skirt buttoned top to bottom for polish, or you can unbutton a couple of the lowest buttons to get a casual, breezy look on a hot day.

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Thoughts On Overcoming Perfectionism

it seems like the more time goes by, the more our culture values and rewards the idea of ‘perfectionism.’ “I’m a total perfectionist“ is one of those things that people say about themselves that they hope comes off as self-deprecating, but in reality sounds a lot more like a humble-brag. it’s basically written within our code to strive to be perfectionists and to believe that’s the best way to be, and I have pretty much spent my entire life trying to unlearn that.

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

Craving something sweet with your morning coffee? Try our recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip banana bread. There are three types of breakfast people: Team Sweet, Team Savory, and Team I Don’t Have Time.

As a former chronic alarm snoozer, I used to be Team I Don’t Have Time — but, I’ve recently realized how much more energy I have when I make time to eat breakfast in the morning. With that said, I definitely find myself on Team Sweet more often than savory.

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How To Travel With Just A Carry-On

i used to be the kind of person who had to bring my whole. entire. life. with me when i traveled. anyone else?

no joke, i used to end up checking two bags, going over the weight limit on both, and basically dragging my entire life with me wherever i went. totally exhausting! i finally got sick of the airlines losing my bag and waiting at baggage claim every trip and decided i was gonna be a carry-on only person.

though it definitely takes a little planning in order to really pull it off, i think it’s one of the smartest travel decisions you can make. read on for our top tips on how to travel with just a carry-on!

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How To Keep Jewelry Organized On Your Dresser

something i’ve really noticed about myself over the past couple of years is that if there is a blank surface in the house - the coffee table, the kitchen counter, the dining room table etc - it will probably inevitably end up becoming a ‘dump zone.’ just what is a dump zone you ask? a zone where pretty much everything that shouldn’t be there ends up getting dumped. it drives me CRAZY.

when i finally found an apartment with enough room to fit this dresser last year, i knew i wanted it to look beautifully styled but most importantly be functional. since my closet is so small that i actually can’t stand up in it (house tour coming soon with pics), my dresser top is the only sensible spot in the house to store jewelry.

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7 Self-Help Books for Dreamers

I never used to be a reader. I’d get bored or distracted easily and quickly and retreat to watching TV or scrolling Instagram (tbh, sometimes I still do). Until I found subject matter that actually interested me, reading seemed like a chore.

Being a “dreamer” my whole life, I have always been curious about habit forming, goal chasing and self care — what tools do I need to perform at my best and battle my resistance to create? When I started reading books about these topics, I became obsessed, and I’m not stopping any time soon!

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The Only Summer Accessory You Need: 90s Hair Clips

does anyone else remember how satisfying it was in the middle of a boring 6th grade science class to have one of those silver hair clips to play with? the 90s were marked by a myriad of amazing moments in fashion, and hair barrettes in every shape an size are undoubtedly one of them.

fast forward about 20 years give or take, and suddenly the resurgence of these 90s hair clips seem to be taking our summer hair game to new heights. i’ve been seeing this trend everywhere this spring and summer, and as always i am one hundred percent here for anything that calls back the 90s nostalgia.

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Summer Shoe Forecast: Square Toe Sandals

now that we’re well into exposed toes season, it’s time to talk about summer shoe obsessions. i’ve always been an ankle boots for every season kinda girl, but it’s just not fair to your feet to keep that pedicure under wraps in the summertime. and this summer it seems like square toe sandals are all of a sudden everywhere.

i wasn’t sure how to feel about this style at first, and I was wondering where this trend came from the other day when it all fell into place. if you must know i’m currently in the middle of season 3 of Sex & the City (yes i’m rewatching the entire series after my husband falls asleep and no i’m not sorry) and it hit me that this is a total Carrie look. the square toe sandal is a Carrie Bradshaw classic and suddenly it seems like the perfect summer shoe.

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Five Friday Faves

happy friday!

the sunshine is finally back here in LA, which means everyone is now only super stressed on the freeways instead of being insanely emotionally off-the-rails stressed - which is how all angelenos are in the rain. i’m excited to do some more hiking this weekend and bounce around the city in pursuit of my next favorite taco truck.

here are five favorite things i’m loving this month:

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