roundup: cropped jeans are fresh for fall

when i moved to France this year, i had to pack pretty lightly considering the tiny size of our ‘pied-a-terre.’ as you might imagine based on my closet makeover posts, minimalism isn’t exactly something i’ve successfully embraced yet, so this was a challenge. on the denim front, this meant only 4 pairs of jeans made the cut (sidenote: my husband brought ONE pair of jeans total for this entire year in France). this past month, i kept seeing cropped jeans and kick flare jeans everywhere in Paris, and decided i could make room for pair #5.

sequins & over-the-knee boots season

with cooler temps around the corner, we’re soaking up every last bit of lingering sunshine and warm, early fall weather. today we’re sharing some outfit inspo for those fall days and date nights that don’t quite require major layers just yet. this is a bit of a maximalist take on the mini dress + over-the-knee boots combo, a frequent favorite for us.

5 places to get a truly legit coffee in Paris

Paris is a city known for an endless list of amazing things- its beautiful light, the history, the hundreds of artists and writers who have created masterpieces there…the list goes on. one thing i didn’t realize until moving over here is that until recently, this city hasn’t necessarily been known for their coffee. i learned this relatively quickly, as it wasn’t long before i discovered that it was indeed possible to order a disappointing cappuccino. disappointing baguette? almost never. but the coffee scene was something that took me a minute to navigate.

record players 10 ways: show off your epic collection

when my husband turned 30, my gift to him was a record player and a bunch of records i had collected over the course of a long US tour. it was one of those things he'd been wanting for awhile, but it was admittedly also one of those gifts that i was really excited to benefit from myself. even though we have all the music we could ever want in our pockets at all times now, i still think there is something so cool about coming home, pouring a glass of wine, and putting on a great record. i really miss album art too, and there's something about having those 12x12 sleeves on a shelf or ready to flip through in a crate by the fireplace that's so nostalgic and cool.

currently loving: easels as home decor

i got my first easel in high school when i was taking a bunch of painting and art classes, and over ten years later it's still a mainstay in my house. i have a bigger one that i use for actual painting now, but i kept my OG easel because a couple apartments ago i realized what a versatile decor piece it can be. It perfectly it fills out awkward corners, and when an area or vignette needs a little height it's the perfect addition! 

closet makeover diaries: key pieces

about a month ago i shared my (likely too ambitious) determination to get my closet under control once and for all - you can find that post here. today i'm back with a narrowed down update on the key pieces i figured out work for me, and an overview of the staples that i learned i'll actually wear.  

color crush: terracotta

today's color crush post is down to earth AF- literally. i'm so into all of the natural, earthy tones popping up all over the place lately, and terracotta is my current standout fave. it's showing up in home decor, textiles, makeup, and even workout gear right now, and it gives everything such an inviting warmth. another thing i love about this color? it pretty much works all year round, season to season. 

bold shoulder: silver and gray edition

although i tend to consider myself a pretty good sport when it comes to taking fashion risks, there is one risk in particular i've never been a big fan of- poofy shoulders. the main reason i've steered mostly clear of this look up until now is that it typically looks a little ridiculous on my frame, and it just felt impractical. but enter this poofy shoulder metallic bodysuit? i just might call myself converted. 

closet makeover diaries: mood board

given that i knew i’d be moving overseas and putting everything in storage this year, i decided one of my major goals would be a serious closet overhaul. admittedly, i've tried just about everything in the closet overhaul department - shoe racks of all shapes and sizes, folding my jeans, hanging my jeans, having a special trunk at the base of my bed just for jeans (not a thing that works FYI) - and i was starting to get a little discouraged. maybe i just wasn't the type of person who could successful tame her closet?? maybe i'm forever doomed to the dreaded 'i have nothing to wear' territory? i figured having your closet shit together was for people who fold their underwear and brush their teeth for the recommend full three minutes. 

photo diary: my first tour in australia

today i'm sharing a few highlights from my first tour in australia! this was also my first visit to australia in general, so i was kind of freaking out in excitement about it. i was there for almost two weeks, and over the course of my tour i stopped in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. i am so crazy in love with this country now and i can't wait to go back! here are some favorite snaps from our travels: