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Decor Files: 4 Home Office Essentials

these days, it seems like more and more girbosses are out there starting companies, freelancing, and working from home. i've been a work-from-homer for over ten years, and i can genuinely say that there are things i love and things i hate (like anything else). overall though, i'm really grateful to be able to make my own hours and work in my sweatpants if i want to. one of the things that is incredibly important to me as a gal who works from home is obviously my office, so i wanted to share four home office decor essentials that i've come to realize make all the difference. even if you work outside of your home during the week or part of it, having a space in your house or apartment that can serve as a #getshitdone room or station is totally necessary. 

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10 Ways To Make A Gorgeous Mood Board

nothing amps me up for a new project like a beautifully executed mood board above my work space. i could honestly scroll through #moodboardporn for DAYS. though i'm obviously a huge fan of wasting hours of my life pinning on Pinterest in bed, glass of wine in hand, i'm also a very firm believer in cutting shit out of magazines and making real, live pin boards. i try to switch my real live mood board up a couple times a year whenever i feel like i need a refresh, and i gotta tell you, it's kind of like changing the background pic on your phone or your laptop- simple, pretty quick, yet LIFE CHANGING. all of a sudden i start seeing things from another angle and i'm off to the races with creative vibes and ideas.

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