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10 Ways To Make A Gorgeous Mood Board

nothing amps me up for a new project like a beautifully executed mood board above my work space. i could honestly scroll through #moodboardporn for DAYS. though i'm obviously a huge fan of wasting hours of my life pinning on Pinterest in bed, glass of wine in hand, i'm also a very firm believer in cutting shit out of magazines and making real, live pin boards. i try to switch my real live mood board up a couple times a year whenever i feel like i need a refresh, and i gotta tell you, it's kind of like changing the background pic on your phone or your laptop- simple, pretty quick, yet LIFE CHANGING. all of a sudden i start seeing things from another angle and i'm off to the races with creative vibes and ideas.

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We See You 2017: 5 Perfect Planners For The New Year

happy friday everyone! i'm currently stuck in an airport lounge because of insane holiday travel delays! tis the season i guess. also i slept about 45 minutes last night so forgive me if this post makes no sense whatsoever. i can't believe this year is already over, and in the spirit of gearing up for an awesome 2017 i thought i'd share some of my top planner picks for the upcoming year. even though there are all those fancy calendar apps out there, i still think it's awesome to have a physical planner on hand somewhere. i'm much more efficient at #gettingshitdone when i actually write stuff down, and it makes planning vacays and events easier to have the whole year laid out in front of me in a book. so here are some of my fave picks for 2017.

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