We See You 2017: 5 Perfect Planners For The New Year

happy friday everyone! i'm currently stuck in an airport lounge because of insane holiday travel delays! tis the season i guess. also i slept about 45 minutes last night so forgive me if this post makes no sense whatsoever. i can't believe this year is already over, and in the spirit of gearing up for an awesome 2017 i thought i'd share some of my top planner picks for the upcoming year. even though there are all those fancy calendar apps out there, i still think it's awesome to have a physical planner on hand somewhere. i'm much more efficient at #gettingshitdone when i actually write stuff down, and it makes planning vacays and events easier to have the whole year laid out in front of me in a book. so here are some of my fave picks for 2017.

the get to work book

this is the one i used last year, and super excited to use it again this year. there's so much jam packed into this planner- the graphic design is awesome, and it has so much space to map out projects and goals. i really like that there's a monthly space to reflect on your wins from the previous month, the things you need to let go of, and the things you're working toward going forward. (our cover pic is from GTWB too)

ban.do agenda

this is a great low budget option that packs a lot of punch. i love ban.do and their fun, punchy vibe, and i think this would just really brighten up a workspace.

midori traveler's notebook

these are SUPER cool because they're incredibly versatile. the leather is gorgeous, and you can change out the inserts when one fills up. Midori makes a ton of different types of inserts too, so you can have a planner/calendar and a place to sketch or jot down notes all in one. i use a Midori to journal when i'm on the road or on vacation.

erin condren life planner

erin condren in sa staple in the planner world, and i used her life planner for a long time. the customization options are literally endless, and i love that you can personalize so much of it as well. this rose gold option is giving me major heart eyes this year.

emily ley simplified planner

this planner is another one that feels super efficient- if you're more of a streamlined, minimalist type of person, this planner is for you. and how cute are those pineapples on the cover?! i think we need one of these to match our piña colada leggings ASAP.

since we won't be back on the blog til Monday, i hope everyone celebrating has a fantastic Christmas and holiday weekend! cheers to an amazing 2017 to come!

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