Decor Files: 4 Home Office Essentials

these days, it seems like more and more girbosses are out there starting companies, freelancing, and working from home. i've been a work-from-homer for over ten years, and i can genuinely say that there are things i love and things i hate (like anything else). overall though, i'm really grateful to be able to make my own hours and work in my sweatpants if i want to. one of the things that is incredibly important to me as a gal who works from home is obviously my office, so i wanted to share four home office decor essentials that i've come to realize make all the difference. even if you work outside of your home during the week or part of it, having a space in your house or apartment that can serve as a #getshitdone room or station is totally necessary. 

here are our four home office decor essentials for a badass command station:

1. gallery wall of art and/or inspiration

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for me, i think this has to be the number one component of an awesome workspace. i'm such a visual person, and being able to have a space- whether it's a blank wall full of frames or just a bulletin board for inspiring pics and images that can change or shift around as time goes on- to visualize the colors, shapes, words and images that speak to me while i work is huge.

i really love the casual, easy vibe of the second pic where the images are just taped to the wall (using cute washi tape is a really fun idea, and definitely renter friendly if your landlord is a meanie and won't let you hang stuff up)

2. plenty of natural light (or really vibey lighting if no windows)

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good lighting is another major essential for #gettingshitdone IMHO. if you're lucky enough to have a space flooded with natural light, congratulations! make sure you play it up as much as possible, and situate your desk so you can reap the sunshine-y benefits in a way that works best for you. since big ass windows also might mean suuuuper hot sun beams blasting into your office 24/7, invest in some pretty sheer ivory drapes or shades that keep you shielded from the scorch but still let that lovely light fill the space.

on the other hand, if you have super small windows, dark walls, or absolutely no windows at all, not to worry! this is actually a really cool challenge, and it involves getting to shop for cool lighting which is always fun. make sure you light the space in a way that helps you get your particular type of work done, and try to have a point of light in each of the four corners of your space to give it that moody-cool vibe. also, try varying the types of lighting in your office- for example, find a really cool floor lamp for one corner, a beautiful pendant that can hang from the ceiling above your desk, and maybe a stylish table lamp for your desk or side table. experiment and have fun mixing and matching!

3. pops of color

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now, if you're one of those people who absolutely hates color and thrives in one of those super calming, very monochromatic spaces, you can ignore this one. but, i think even if you like everything to be pretty tonal and/or neutral, having one or two playful pops of color in your workspace can brighten your day and stir your creativity. pick something unexpected, or showcase your all time fave hue. you can go as big as pic #2 above and paint a whole accent wall peony pink, or just pull up a beautiful desk chair in mustard yellow and call it a day. either way, a pop of color will add depth and lively vibes to your space.

4. plants on plants on plants

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at this point i think we can pretty much all agree that the design community as a whole is having a pretty major obsession with plant life taking over interiors. despite the fact that some plants can be waaaay harder to take care of than others (ahem, we're looking at you diva fiddle leafs) i think the benefits of having some greenery in your workspace far outweigh the inconveniences.

whether you have a huge, light filled window for a big tree or just a little desk space for a few succulents, it's worth it to add some natural elements to your space. i've become kind of a crazy plant lady over the last year, and they add SO much to my home and my office. their soft, natural shapes really help to break up some of the straight lines of desks and shelves and books, and they clean the air too! major win.

what are some of your other favorite ways to deck out your home office or workspace??  

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