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Bold Shoulder: Silver and Gray Edition

although i tend to consider myself a pretty good sport when it comes to taking fashion risks, there is one risk in particular i've never been a big fan of- poofy shoulders. the main reason i've steered mostly clear of this look up until now is that it typically looks a little ridiculous on my frame, and it just felt impractical. but enter this poofy shoulder metallic bodysuit? i just might call myself converted. 

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Color Crush: Cobalt Blue

a few months ago, my husband and I took a road trip up the Cali coast. we stopped off at hearst castle, which is this huge ass castle that a guy named hearst built for fun because he was rich and loved the views from the top of the hill (probably more to the story than that but that's pretty much all i remember from the tour). i guess i was too busy obsessing over the unbelievable floors

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