Roundup: Minimalist Ceramic Artists

at WTD, we are all about finding new favorite artists and telling everyone how awesome they are. today i'm sharing three of my favorite ceramic artists- Rae Dunn, MQuan, and Honeycomb studio- who all have their own beautiful, minimalistic aesthetic that I'm totally in love with.

1. RAE DUNN - Rae is my all time fave. i've been following her work for about seven years now, and everything she makes has such a natural, calming quality to it. in addition to her handmade ceramics, she also has a line with Magenta that you can find in home decor stores and sometimes even Home Goods stores. 

i have a pretty serious collection of her work all over my house and am always excited to see what she creates next.

2. MQUAN- Michelle Quan's work is just enchanting. there's a boutique i love in NYC's NoLita neighborhood called Love Adorned and that's where I first discovered Michelle's work. her skulls are my favorite- she does them in all kinds of amazing patterns and colors. but lately i'm also loving all her celestial themed pieces even more. 

i mean that diamond garland?! i want one of those in every room in my house!

3. HONEYCOMB STUDIO- Courtney Hamill designs the most swoonworthy pieces, and I honestly dream of the day I can take a shelfie of my kitchen shelves stacked full of her awesome work. the gold leaf, the shapes of the's just too much.

when i lived in Nashville, one of my favorite little shops called Hey Rooster carried Honeycomb studio ceramics and I fell totally in love. 

do you have any favorite ceramic artists we need to know about?

Rae Dunn images, MQuan images, Honeycomb Studio images

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