Painting A Bar Cart: Do or Don't?

it seems like nowadays it's pretty much impossible to scroll through insta, pinterest, or your fave design blog without seeing some sort of article promising pro tips on how to style the perfect Don Draper-approved bar cart. don't get me wrong- i'm not mad about it- i think bar carts are the JAM. i'm just kind of overwhelmed with all of the tips and i'm trying to figure out what to do with mine. 

image via homepolish

last summer, while taking an amazing food tour of Cleveland's Little Italy for a girlfriend's bachelorette party, i stumbled into an antique shop and accidentally came home with a bar cart. yes, i am the type of person who purchases a medium sized piece of furniture during a bachelorette party in a city i don't even live in. WORTH IT.

the issue is, my little bar cart still pretty much looks like a before picture. i was hoping it was real brass and that i could remove this crappy gold spray paint to reveal the gorgeous original color, but i'm pretty sure it was only 60 bucks because it's not in fact real brass. 

ALL GOOD though- because I think I could paint it a really cool color. I'm absolutely in love with Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess' chartreuse bar cart:

image via ABM 

i think this color green might actually be my favorite color. i own like five handbags in this color. the thing that i love about it is that it doesn't really go with anything, and therefore goes with everything. that's my philosophy anyway.

the other look that i LOVE is this copper and black ombre bar cart from Local & Lejos:

image via Local & Lejos

it looks SO fancy and glam. it seems like it might be kind of tough to pull off the perfect ombre fade, but the results are probably well worth it. 

i also like the vibe of this green painted bar cart, also from ABM- I've been getting really obsessed with house plants lately and i feel like it might be cool to echo those green tones:

image via ABM 

another option that my seven year old self just can't get over is this Barbie pink bar cart from Glitter Guide:

image via glitter guide 

i'm pretty sure my husband would move out and get his own apartment if i did this though, so i'll probably have to wait until i have my own WTD office headquarters someday to go to town on the pink spray paint.

until then...what do you think i should do with mine?? any suggestions welcome! 

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