Sign Me Up: Light Up Neon Sign Decor

what is it about a sign that lights up that's so exciting? there must be a multitude of answers, because these things are everywhere right now. i think for me it goes back to when i was a kid and was totally obsessed with building forts. as any skilled, experienced fort-builder knows, creating an awesome ambiance and vibe inside the fort is KEY. remember the little girls' tent fort thing in The Holiday?? yeah, that's what we're going for here. i distinctly remember how i used to try to confiscate our christmas tree lights to line the interior of the fort, and i think the reason light up signs are so cool in homes might be because they cast that same cozy, cool glow over the whole room. basically i want one for every room in the house.

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while these are all incredibly cool, i gotta say that i think Laura Gummerman's pizza sign takes the cake. completely obsessed.

here are a few adorable options you can shop:


have you jumped on the light up sign bandwagon yet??

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