currently loving: easels as home decor

i got my first easel in high school when i was taking a bunch of painting and art classes, and over ten years later it's still a mainstay in my house. i have a bigger one that i use for actual painting now, but i kept my OG easel because a couple apartments ago i realized what a versatile decor piece it can be. It perfectly it fills out awkward corners, and when an area or vignette needs a little height it's the perfect addition! 

closet makeover diaries: key pieces

about a month ago i shared my (likely too ambitious) determination to get my closet under control once and for all - you can find that post here. today i'm back with a narrowed down update on the key pieces i figured out work for me, and an overview of the staples that i learned i'll actually wear.  

color crush: terracotta

today's color crush post is down to earth AF- literally. i'm so into all of the natural, earthy tones popping up all over the place lately, and terracotta is my current standout fave. it's showing up in home decor, textiles, makeup, and even workout gear right now, and it gives everything such an inviting warmth. another thing i love about this color? it pretty much works all year round, season to season. 

bold shoulder: silver and gray edition

although i tend to consider myself a pretty good sport when it comes to taking fashion risks, there is one risk in particular i've never been a big fan of- poofy shoulders. the main reason i've steered mostly clear of this look up until now is that it typically looks a little ridiculous on my frame, and it just felt impractical. but enter this poofy shoulder metallic bodysuit? i just might call myself converted. 

photo diary: my first tour in australia

today i'm sharing a few highlights from my first tour in australia! this was also my first visit to australia in general, so i was kind of freaking out in excitement about it. i was there for almost two weeks, and over the course of my tour i stopped in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. i am so crazy in love with this country now and i can't wait to go back! here are some favorite snaps from our travels:

travel journaling: inspiration and supplies

when i was a kid, i used to bring a little notebook along on vacation (more than likely it was some super lit Lisa Frank one) and write about all the stuff we did on our trip. i SO wish i knew where those notebooks were. not only does travel journaling help you preserve awesome memories, it also provides a really cool on-the-go creative outlet. i find that when i'm traveling, i don't get as many chances to be creative unless i'm really mindful about it, and this new style of travel journaling that seems to be all over insta just might be the answer. the notebooks are small, easy to pack, and the pages are blank which means endless possibilities. my favorite journals are the ones that combine writing/diary entries, photos, and sketching or drawing. 

closet makeover diaries: mood board

although february might be a tiny bit early to be considered prime time for spring cleaning, with the new year rolling in i decided one of my goals for the beginning of the year would be a serious closet overhaul. admittedly, i've tried just about everything in the closet overhaul department - shoe racks of all shapes and sizes, folding my jeans, hanging my jeans, having a special trunk at the base of my bed just for jeans (not a thing that works FYI) - and i was starting to get a little discouraged. maybe i just wasn't the type of person who could successful tame her closet?? maybe i'm forever doomed to the dreaded 'i have nothing to wear' territory? i figured having your closet shit together was for people who fold their underwear and brush their teeth for the recommend full three minutes. 

decor files: patterned cement tile

with all the fresh start vibes the new year brings, i'm obsessing even more than usual over home renovation blogs and tv shows (which is a major statement because i'm typically obsessing over said blogs and shows 24/7/365 tbh). as i binge myself into oblivion watching episode after episode (not exactly new year new me behavior but what can i say) i keep noticing one of my favorite design elements popping up just about everywhere. patterned cement tiles are having a huge moment and i hope the moment never ends. there are so many gorgeous colors and patterns and they just make a space so unique and beautiful. 

photo diary: cinque terre part II

a couple weeks ago, i shared part I of my Cinque Terre photo diary from earlier this year. this was undoubtedly one of my favorite trips i've ever taken, and considering i've been walking around NYC this week in 24 degree weather i thought it might be time to share more photos of these summery, sun-drenched italian shores. for the second part of our time in Cinque Terre, we stayed in Manarola, one town north of Riomaggiore (where we spent the first part of the trip). we did a lot of hiking along the cliffs which was breathtakingly beautiful, and ate an outrageous amount of pasta. so hopefully those canceled each other out. here are some highlights:

crushing on: collar necklaces

happy weekend everyone! today we're sharing 13 of our favorite collar necklace picks, because could there really be anything more elegant and effortless to top off your outfit? i think not. i'm a huge fan of this look for a lot of reasons, of one of them is that IT DOESN'T GET TANGLED. i've been on the road a lot these past few months, and it's really hard to bring jewelry because so many of the necklaces get all tangled up in each other no matter how carefully you pack them. totally infuriating. these collar options are also awesome because they can be super minimalist and subtle or they can make a huge statement. and they look really beautiful with a bare shoulder, hair up look OR with a really cool top. the possibilities are endless.