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Artist Spotlight: Jordan Sondler's Awesome Illustrations

absolutely loving seeing Jordan Sondler's work everywhere right now! her style is so playful, and i'm completely obsessed with her maps. she's done some really badass collabs with everyone from urban outfitters (she designed super cute candles for them) to Minted (find some of her awesome prints here), and we're big fans of her bold, super fun vibe:

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Font Snob: Hand Drawn Type By Maddy Nye

we are self-described font snobs at WTD, meaning we're really really nerdy about good fonts and lifelong enemies of comic sans (shudder). ever since i was a little kid, i LOVED FONTS. i remember getting so excited every time we'd upgrade our computer software because that meant there would be a few new fonts included in whatever ancient word processing program came with it. this was the 90's- so the options were pretty slim- but for me, new font releases were on par with new NSYNC CD releases, and that is a pretty incredible statement.

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