Heart Eyes For Hand Lettering

i'm not sure how many skillshare classes related to hand lettering i've signed up for in the past year, but it's a lot. as a former art student and general doodling enthusiast, i absolutely love that hand drawn letters are having such a massive moment in design. and i think they're here to stay for good, because no matter how many handletter-y fonts come along (and we do have our faves) there's just nothing cooler than a totally original, custom made typeface.

image via hello brio

i'm really obsessed with everything Jenn from Hello Brio creates- her style is so distinct and i love how she blends watercolors and ink in her designs. she even has some awesome tips on her blog about how to get started and learn to hand letter. 

love this mix of lowercase and capital letters by Gillian Tracey too:  

image via gillian tracey 

and how GORGEOUS are these hand lettered 'rules of success' by Gosha Bondarev via Creative Market?!

images via creative market 

i want to make an entire gallery wall of those! they're so beautiful. and also true statements.

another one of my favorites is Noel Shiveley's work:

images via behance 

David Milan's work is also pretty badass:

images via behance 

i'm super excited to go practice now and draw all over all my important adult life documents!! 

have you ever tried hand lettering? any fave artists you love?

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