Go Bold Or Go Home: Bright Color Sofas We Love

as someone who just got done searching high and low for the right new living room couch, i feel like i've been combing the internet nonstop lately to make absolutely sure we picked the right one. i'll share more on the couch we did pick later (spoiler alert: it's a bright color), but for now let's all take a minute to bask in the glory of those who dare to go bold with their sofa color. i like to think of the bright sofa as the bright colored pair of jeans of the home decor world: at first, it's kinda scary and you're pretty sure it'll go with nothing, and then you get it home and it kind of goes with everything. score.

behold this ROYGBIV gallery of bold and bright sofa goodness:

so many amazing design choices! i love that it kind of takes the work out of accessorizing a room with color. you just choose a versatile color that you love and know you can work around for the sofa, and then accent it with a couple complimentary colors and lots of awesome neutrals, blacks and whites. 

photo credits for the above pics:

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which is your favorite? do you have a bright colored sofa? 

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