House Tour: Kate's Apartment In Paris

if you follow us on insta you’re probably well aware that i (kate) spent half of last year living in Paris, France. it was always a bucket list dream of mine to live overseas for a long period of time, and my husband and i finally decided to take the plunge last May.

i have a lot of posts coming soon about my favorite spots, wardrobe, and what i learned living overseas, but today i wanted to share some photos of my little Parisian apartment! this spot has all the quintessential Parisian charm and was the perfect place to call home for six months.

as you can see, this was not a large space whatsoever. honestly though, i absolutely loved living in an apartment this small because it really forced us to simplify. the beautiful windows brought in so much light too, so it always felt so much more spacious! we kept the windows open a lot during the day because for the majority of the 6 months we were there (May-November) the weather in Paris was BEAUTIFUL.

and now for my favorite feature of the apartment- the balcony!

we basically lived out on this balcony. it was teeny tiny in terms of width, but just big enough to fit a café table for both of us to enjoy many a glass of vin rouge and a great book. i wrote songs out here and just took it all in.

the bedroom was pretty simple, but worked perfectly for what we needed:

i loved having the window right next to the bed and waking up to that amazing Parisian light!

our tiny kitchen wasn’t much to write home about, but i felt like it deserved a quick shoutout:

a huge part of us wanting to move to Paris was exploring all of the amazing restaurants, so it was not a big deal at all to have a small kitchen. we ate out a ton all over the city, but when we did decide to cook it actually worked out perfectly for what we needed! one of my favorite features of the kitchen was the window above the sink, because it was so cheery to be able to look out at the Parisian rooftops while cooking, especially at sunset!

one last necessary pic:


behold the winding staircase that led up to our house - this gem of an apartment was on the 5th floor (which means the 6th floor in American terms) and there was no elevator (!) we kind of did this on purpose because i knew i wasn’t exactly going to make working out a priority while in France (spoiler alert: i didn’t) and we figured we may as well earn those baguettes.

i absolutely loved everything about living in this space and i truly miss it so much! i definitely hope when i get back to Paris i can stay here again because it was an absolute dream.

how do you guys feel about small space living??

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