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How To Learn A New Language (And Stick With It)

as a lot of you probably know, I’ve been learning French intensively for about a year now. I always had a fascination with languages and wanted to learn a second one, and over the past year I’ve started getting a bunch of questions about my favorite language learning methods.

today i’m sharing my favorite language learning resources and tools, plus the biggest tips and tricks that have worked for me and helped me stick with learning French over the past year!

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How To Travel With Just A Carry-On

i used to be the kind of person who had to bring my whole. entire. life. with me when i traveled. anyone else?

no joke, i used to end up checking two bags, going over the weight limit on both, and basically dragging my entire life with me wherever i went. totally exhausting! i finally got sick of the airlines losing my bag and waiting at baggage claim every trip and decided i was gonna be a carry-on only person.

though it definitely takes a little planning in order to really pull it off, i think it’s one of the smartest travel decisions you can make. read on for our top tips on how to travel with just a carry-on!

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