Photo Diary: Baja Beach Party NYE 2019

happy 2019!! hope you all had a restful and wonderful holiday break. for a few years now, my NYE tradition has been hanging in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with some of my close friends to give the year a sunny sendoff. today i’m sharing a couple snaps from the week and two of my new favorite restaurants that you HAVE to try if you’re ever down in the Baja peninsula.

here are some highlights from the trip:

my pink striped romper is from Reformation, and although it’s sold out there are a bunch of them on Poshmark right now!

and now for some new favorite restaurants from this year’s trip:

METATE- this place is unbelievable. the whole restaurant is outdoors and totally enchanted with gorgeous lights in the trees and an epic outdoor bar. ALSO - THEY HAVE GOATS! let me specify - this place is also somewhat of a farm, so they have chickens, dogs, and freakin GOATS on the property. and the goats sometimes just come around to say hi and they’re SO CUTE. also, their menu is awesome (see pic above, the ‘tarot card’ illustrations are hilarious)

PANAZIA- not only is the design of this place beautiful, but the unique and delicious mix of mexican cuisine with asian fusion fare is absolutely incredible and so inventive. if you go you have to get every single one of the dumplings. they’re unreal and i’m never not daydreaming about them.

another great NYE in the books! can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.

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