Photo Diary: My First Tour in Australia

today i'm sharing a few highlights from my first tour in australia! this was also my first visit to australia in general, so i was kind of freaking out in excitement about it. i was there for almost two weeks, and over the course of my tour i stopped in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. i am so crazy in love with this country now and i can't wait to go back! here are some favorite snaps from our travels:


when i got to my room in Sydney, totally whacked out from my 15 hour flight, this little dude and a big box of Tim-Tams (aka a super legit australian kit-kat type snack only better) were perched on my bed.

our first day we wanted to try to stay awake so we could get used to the massive time difference. we decided to be super typical tourists and check out the Opera House first, then hopped on a ferry over to Manly beach for lunch and a beach hang. 

the rest of our time in Sydney pre-tour included lots of amazing Japanese food, unbelievable coffee pretty much everywhere we went, and a gorgeous hike and ocean hang over by Wattamolla Beach.

we played shows in Perth and Brisbane, and almost got eaten alive by a shit ton of land leeches on our rainy Brisbane hike (pictured above). huge yikes. when the locals tell you it's not a good idea to hike in the rain, it's not a good idea to hike in the rain.  

Adelaide was probably one of my favorite stops, and i'm completely biased because it was in this city that we got to hang with HONEY the Koala and OOLAROO the Joey. I literally could not believe how cute these animals were and i'm still not over it you guys. 

If you ever happen to be in Adelaide and want to look into a similar experience, check out Rae Campbell's Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital site for more information! she is an amazing woman doing wonderful work in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation and an overall lovely person. 

We also ate at one of the best restaurants i've ever been to in my life, Africola. i'd highly highly recommend trying it if you're ever there. The hummus and the cauliflower thing (pretty sure it isn't called that but whatever) were AMAZE.

another one of the best meals i've EVER had was in Sydney at Chin Chin. It took us three tries on three different days to actually get a table, but it was so insanely worth it. also the decor is incredibly cool and the cocktails are to DIE for. we celebrated my birthday at this place and it was truly the best bday din i've ever had.

one of our last stops was in Melbourne, and i really cannot wait to go back. we hardly had any time at all to see the city because we had two shows in a row that day (!) but i can already tell why it's kind of considered the artsy capital of the country. it was a really inspiring place!

overall this tour was probably one of my favorites i've ever done. it was my first time in australia too, and i was completely blown away at how beautiful the country is and how wonderful the people are. fingers crossed i can go back again this year for another run!

have you ever been to Aus? what are your favorite things to do there??

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