We The Dreamers is a lifestyle company dedicated to creating fearlessly, making a mess, living out loud, and dreaming like you mean it. On our blog we share style ideas, home decor, artistic inspiration, and travel musings. Our store sells a curated collection of our current favorite dream-worthy must haves.

We’re all about making something from nothing every day- in any way you choose.

We're about going for it- doing what scares you.

We’re about doing it with passion or not at all.

Creativity breeds creativity and only builds on itself- We The Dreamers is a community and a movement that aims to make the world a more beautiful place by allowing ourselves to dream without limits and believe we are all artists in our own unique ways.

We The Dreamers waves the flag for the creative, badass, free-spirited, adventurous rebel heart in all of us.


A Brief History

We The Dreamers is owned and operated by musician, actor and designer Kate Voegele. Before signing a record deal in 2006, Kate was an art student in love with painting and design.

While touring to support her music career, Voegele kept designing on the side via the back lounge of her tour bus, which she reserved for painting. In 2011, Voegele designed a signature series sunglass for Oakley based on her artwork, and debuted the design with gallery shows in New York and London. 

After selling out her line of sunglasses, Voegele was inspired to begin developing We The Dreamers. Her watercolor paintings and love of bright colorful workout gear paved the way for We The Dreamers' patterned leggings, designed for her recent 'Must Be Summertime' music video. Made from recycled polyester, the line is both eco-friendly and unapologetically fun. 

As a devoted reader of a long list of lifestyle blogs (the best and only way to pass the time on the road), Voegele created We The Dreamers to be an online space that celebrates creativity, artists, and what it means to be a dreamer. This blog is essentially a curated collection of cool sh*t meant to inspire creators and dreamers wherever they may be. 

Voegele writes and designs from her studio in Los Angeles, California.