the lazy b*tch's guide to valentine DIYs

if you guys haven't already noticed, i am a relatively lazy DIYer. don't get me wrong, i totally love a good DIY project, but i tend to stick to the two extreme ends of the spectrum. which is to say- i'm totally down to spend an entire weekend at home depot buying tons of supplies to make a sick new industrial coffee table from scratch, or i'm diving into something that's gonna take me about a glass of wine to complete. i don't do too well in that middle territory where a project involves a bunch of crazy steps just to create one pot holder, you know? so i figured with valentine's day already hovering in the near future (2017 you can sloooooow down now thanks) i'd share some of my fave easy ideas for fun DIY gifts. whether you're gifting it to yourself, a galentine, your mom, or a significant other, these are all pretty cute ideas that are pretty lazy crafter friendly. you're welcome.

via paper plate & plane

this is really cool without being too cutesy. i really like the light pink on black combo, and it's a small enough frame that it doesn't feel overly aggressive to give someone else. 

via brit & co

give your valentine the gift of #tbt with this cheeky take on Jenga days of old. over a few bottles of wine some friends and i recently discovered that Jenga is, surprisingly, pretty fun as an adult. i guess it makes sense that a bunch of shit falling over is even funnier when you're a couple drinks deep.

via design love fest

this link isn't actually a DIY tutorial (just a jaw dropping tour of design love fest's gorgeous studio) but i thought these rock bookends were really cool and would probably be insanely easy to DIY. the hardest part of this project would literally be finding two cool rocks, and i feel like that's not really that hard. hop over to the craft store and grab some metallic spray paint and you're DONE.

via oh happy day

this one is v v neutral and could work for a super casual valentine- perhaps the tinder guy or gal you've only been out with a couple times (nothing about a succulent says overbearing), or even a co-worker.

via a beautiful mess

another super safe and super cute option is this lucite frame from ABM. this one pretty much works for anyone and is incredibly easy to pull off last minute.

what are your fave ways to exchange valentines? do you love/hate the holiday?