DIY to try: festive advent calendars

OMGGGG it's already that time of year and with December only a few days away, i thought i'd round up some of my favorite advent calendar DIYs from around the web. whether you celebrate the advent season religiously or you just think it's fun to count down the days in december with chocolates and other fun little shit in bags and/or boxes, these are fun and look really cute. advent calendars were my favorite thing EVER when i was a kid- i always got one that had chocolates shaped like different woodland animals, and i had a weird reputation for remembering exactly what animals corresponded to what day at the end of the month. i was suuuuuper popular obviously. 

if you feel like getting crafty with your holiday decor, here are some pretty adorbs options:

via venoskamade 

not gonna lie, this website isn't in english. but google can probly translate it, and it looks like a pretty straightforward process. LOVE the black and white vibe. don't forget to pair it with a casually draped sheepskin somewhere nearby.

via the merry thought

i love this- it's simple and clean but really really pretty. i love any wall hanging idea that doesn't involve big heavy stuff or a stud finder or whatever. so simple and probably pretty cheap to make too. 


via hank and hunt

this is kind of a similar idea, but i love the chalkboard vibe. especially when it's paired with a Kevin McAllister pajama plaid tablecloth. WIN.

via elisabeth heier

so loving this very scandinavian, all white vibe here. this also seems like a relatively simple project, and one you could modify in a million ways. you could paint the tree or leave it a rustic raw wood color, use kraft bags, whatever you want to make it your own. 

via lapin blu

i'm SUPER in love with the kraft paper + red and white baker's twine combo here. and it's a really cute idea to use an embroidery hoop as the base for this little calendar. 

via ana pla

another non-english tutorial here, but again it seems pretty self explanatory and it was adorable so i wanted to include it. this would be super cute just about anywhere!

via bhg

again with the red and white baker's twine!! i love this. the bare branches are so pretty and those muslin bags are super easy to find on amazon and craft stores. this makes a big statement for a very small amount of effort and dough.

via wee birdy

similar idea, but i love the hodge podge of the different bags and colors! this is SO CUTE. vary the colors, textures, sizes and heights and you're good to go. 

via oh happy day

it's fun to see an option that goes on a tabletop, and let's be honest- those mini trees are cool as shit and any excuse to go buy a ton of them is a good one. she offers the banners as a free printable too which is so cool!

via morning creativity

talk about budget friendly- this one is made from toilet paper rolls! but it somehow looks hipster af and minimalist chic. this is a good option if you don't have tons of space in your apartment to drape random branches all over the place. super creative and cool.

what are your fave ways to decorate for the holidays?