look fly in the sky: carry on bag essentials

not sure about you guys, but around this time of year i find myself on a lot of planes and in a lot of airports around the country. i think it's safe to say that holiday travel is always stressful AF no matter how you slice it, but we're here to help you keep that stress level to a minimum so you can fast forward to sharing those holiday spirits with friends and fam. we put together a fool proof list of our favorite airplane carry on bag must-haves so you're stocked up with all the essentials you need while in transit this season.  

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first of all i just feel the need to point out that i learned while writing this post that it's weirdly satisfying to look at pictures of other peoples' bags dumped out. why? not really sure. but onto the carry on essentials list:


i think most carry on essentials fall into these four major categories, and i find that if i have these staples on hand i'm pretty much good to go.

shop a couple of my faves from the above list here:

here's some more dumped out bag inspo for you:

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do you have any other essentials you can't live without when you're in transit??