high tide: 6 staple high-waisted bikinis for summer

it's officially sea breeze and sunscreen season, and I'm personally on the lookout for every opportunity to get to myself to the beach and the pool. this summer i've been excited to play around with different swimwear silhouettes now that there are so many interesting options. though some of these new configurations prove to be extremely difficult to figure out how to put on initially (i've put several on backwards), i'm a big fan of trying anything new and seeing just how awkward my tanlines can get. that being said, a good way to dip your toe into trying a new swimwear silhouette is to just go retro- cause the high-waisted bikini bottom is still going strong.

bottoms up: 6 summer party punch recipes

with summer in full swing and a long weekend of sunshine and good times just around the corner, today we're sharing some of our fave party punch picks from around the web for your next summer soirée. we are major craft cocktail enthusiasts at WTD, but sometimes it can be super tedious to make everyone their own individual libation when you're the host and you're trying to actually talk to your guests and hang. the perfect solution? a big batch of make-ahead party punch that you can concoct in advance. with so many refreshing, summery options i'm ready to hit the produce aisle, stock up on booze, and get mixing. 

patio porn: gorgeous outdoor living ideas

with summer in full swing, we're SO ready to open a bottle of rosé and post up in a comfy chair facing the sun. being based in SoCal, it's pretty much outdoor living season all year round, so we're extra obsessed with any and all outdoor decor ideas. it opens up so many fun possibilities when you decide to really treat your outdoor space like an extension of your home, so today I'm rounding up 10 of my favorite patio and balcony setups to inspire your alfresco space.

coffee walk: good morning New Orleans

we're back on the blog today with a little photo diary from one of my favorite cities in the entire world, New Orleans. i am totally in love with this city for a million reasons, but reason number one is probably that i got married here almost five years ago. we picked New Orleans because of its incredibly unique culture, architecture, food, and unparalleled expertise in having a damn good time. when we came through NOLA on tour this past January, I really only had enough time to grab a coffee and take a long walk, hence this latest edition of my 'coffee walk' travel post series. 

crushing on: culottes & sneakers combo

i can't believe it's already POST Memorial Day weekend and we're pretty much officially kicking off the summer season. it feels like summer got here so fast this year, although i'm definitely not mad about it. in the spirit of constantly looking for comfy ways to try new looks, today's post is an ode to an adorable combo i keep seeing everywhere: culottes and sneakers. i gotta admit, it took me a minute to warm up to culottes. i found myself wondering- is this trend merely a 2017 take on the regrettable gaucho pants vibe i rocked way too much in 2004? i couldn't figure it out. but after spending 10 days in Paris and seeing this combo literally everywhere, i'm convinced this look is one to copy immediately.

10 ways to make a gorgeous mood board

nothing amps me up for a new project like a beautifully executed mood board above my work space. i could honestly scroll through #moodboardporn for DAYS. though i'm obviously a huge fan of wasting hours of my life pinning on Pinterest in bed, glass of wine in hand, i'm also a very firm believer in cutting shit out of magazines and making real, live pin boards. i try to switch my real live mood board up a couple times a year whenever i feel like i need a refresh, and i gotta tell you, it's kind of like changing the background pic on your phone or your laptop- simple, pretty quick, yet LIFE CHANGING. all of a sudden i start seeing things from another angle and i'm off to the races with creative vibes and ideas.

decor files: in praise of pennant flags

as an avid fan of any and all things related to a good gallery wall, i'm always on the lookout for cool new additions to my many vignettes of cool and collected wall art. lately i feel like i keep seeing a resurgence of felt pennant flags everywhere, and i'm COMPLETELY obsessed. one of the reasons i love these as wall art is that there's a certain nostalgia about them, and another reason is that they're incredibly easy to hang (hello renter friendly!). the triangular shapes are cool and help break up a wall full of rectangle frames, plus there are tons of awesome small designers out there making really beautiful and creative pennant designs with all kinds of fun phrases. i honestly cannot stop buying these.

DIY to try: 6 phases of the moon projects

well you guys it's officially MAY and that's super exciting. the sun's out, the days are longer, and Justin Timberlake himself even tweeted about it. though i'm personally a huge fan of these sunny days, the star of today's post (awful celestial pun intended) is the MOON. the moon has been having a moment for a really long time, but it's still very much in the spotlight and all over home decor. the geometric lunar shapes are super versatile and look great in a variety of materials, and i don't think they're going away anytime soon. i'm looking for a fun spring DIY project and currently loving these six relatively easy DIY phases of the moon ideas. 

photo diary: snippets of switzerland

today i'm sharing some highlights from our couple days in Switzerland on tour last year. we didn't get to do much sightseeing since we were there for the shows (and spent a lot of time in the car driving past gorgeous rolling hills) but the time we did have was AMAZING. we played Solothurn and Zurich, and i absolutely cannot wait to go back to both and explore more of this beautiful country. We hardly got to see Zurich since it was raining and we got in late, so most of these snaps are from Solothurn. This town is honestly out of a fairytale, and it feels like a time capsule. We had a full tour crew dinner in the square one night as the sun went down, and I will probably daydream about the fig and pecorino ravioli I had for the rest of my life.

breezy midi, cobblestone city: spring in san juan

last month i finally got to check something major off my bucket list: wandering Old Town San Juan in Puerto Rico. it's such a beautiful city and the colorful buildings are 100 times more amazing in person. this outfit post is a favorite because i'm absolutely obsessed with this Cleobella dress- it's a fun midi length, super comfy, and looks awesome by itself or cinched with a cool belt. in this case, i paired it with one of my main wardrobe staples these days- the B Low the Belt Bri Bri in black & silver. they make this belt in like 10 color combos and i'm pretty sure i need to get them all. it's SO versatile. finished off with some super comfy sandals by Dolce Vita x Vanessa Mooney, this outfit was perfect for wandering the gorgeously uneven cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.